AZ Fingerprint Clearance Cards

AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card Services

Fingerprint clearance cards are used by the Arizona department of public safety in order to allow AZ residents to apply for multiple types of licenses and certifications.

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Types Of Clearance Cards

The below are two different types of fingerprint clearance card applications

IVP Clearance Cards

The IVP clearance card is typically used for anything relating to schools or educational campuses

Non-IVP Clearance Cards

The non IVP clearance card process is used for anything not regulated by an IVP process. The following departments and certifications require a non IVP fingerprint clearance card.

Regular (non-IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Card Application (DPS Form #802-06857) is required for the following:
Reason for Applying: Statute Requires Level 1 Card
ABDE-Dental Hygienist Licensure ARS § 32-1284 No
ABDE-Dentist Licensure ARS § 32-1232 No
ABDE-Denturist Certification ARS § 32-1297.01 No
ADFI-Appraisal Management/Controlling person ARS § 32-3669 No
ADFI-Appraisal Management/Registration ARS § 32-3668 No
ADFI-Appraiser-License or Certificate ARS § 32-3620 No
ADOT Traffic School Licensure ARS § 28-3413 No
ADOT-Driver Training School Licensure ARS § 32-2371 No
AZ Board of Fingerprinting-Members & Staff ARS §§ 41-619.52 & 41.619.53 Yes
AZ Charter School Board-Member/Applicant ARS § 15-183(C)(4) No
AZ Dept. of Ed-Attend Vocational Program; Age 22 or older ARS § 15-782.02 No
AZ Dept. of Ed-Child Nutrition Programs ARS § 46-321 No
AZ Dept. of Ed-Surrogate Parents ARS § 15-763.01 No
AZ Dept. Real Estate-Licensure ARS § 32-2108.0 No
AZ Game and Fish ARS § 17-215 Yes
AZ Schools for the Deaf & Blind-Superintendent ARS § 15-1330 No
BPT - Physical Therapist & Assistants Licensure ARS § 32-2022 No
BTR-Alarm Agent Certification ARS § 32-122.06 No
BTR-Controlling Person Certification ARS § 32-122.05 No
DCS - Child Welfare/Adoption Agency Employee ARS § 46-141 Yes
DCS-Adoption ARS § 8-105 Yes
DCS-Employee or IT Employee or IT Employees of Contractors or Subcontractors ARS § 8-463 Yes
DCS-Field Employee ARS § 8-802 Yes
DCS-Foster Home Licensure ARS § 8-509 Yes
Department of Juvenile Corrections-Licensee or Contract Provider ARS § 41-2814(B) No
DES-CCR&R Registered Home ARS § 41-1967.01 Yes
DES-Certified Child Care Provider & Non-Certified Relative Provider ARS §§ 41-1964 & 46-141 Yes
DES-DAAS-Division of Aging & Adult Svcs. ARS § 46-141 Yes
DES-DDD - Developmental Home Licensure ARS § 36-594.02 Yes
DES-DDD/HCBS-Home & Community Based Svcs. ARS § 36-594.01 Yes
DES-Domestic Violence/Homeless Shelter ARS §§ 36-3008 & 46-141 Yes
DES-Employee ARS § 41-1968 Yes
DES-IT Position ARS § 41-1969 Yes
DES-Employee or Contractor with access to Federal Tax Information ARS § 41-1969 Yes
DES-JOBS Program ARS § 46-141 Yes
DES-WIOA-Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act ARS § 46-141 Yes
DHS-Arizona State Hospital ARS § 36-207 Yes
DHS-Child Care Employees & Volunteers ARS § 36-883.02 Yes
DHS-Child Care Facility Licensure ARS § 36-882 Yes
DHS-Child Care Group Home; Certification, Employees or Volunteers ARS §§ 36-897.01 & 36-897.03 Yes
DHS-Children’s Behavioral Health Programs Employees and Volunteers ARS § 36-425.03 No
DHS-Nursing Care Administrators & Assisted Living Facility Managers ARS § 36-446.04 No
DHS-Residential or Nursing Care Institutions; Home Health Agencies – Employees and Volunteers ARS § 36-411 No
Health Science Student & Clinical Assistant ARS § 15-1881 No
Juvenile Probation-Supreme Court, County Attorney or other Contract Provider Employee or Volunteer ARS § 8-322 No
State Board of Pharmacy-3rd Party Logistic Providers Representative ARS § 32-1941 No
State Board of Pharmacy-Licensure ARS § 32-1904 No


An IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card Application (DPS Form #802-07263) is required for the following:
Reason for Applying: Statute Requires Level 1 Card
State Board of Education (Teacher or Other Certification) ARS § 15-534 No
Tutor or Teacher Preparation Programs ARS § 15-534 No
Charter School Instructor ARS § 15-183 No
School Bus Driver ARS § 28-3228 No
Public and/or Charter School Non-certificated personnel ARS § 15-512 No
Public and/or Charter School Contractor, Subcontractor or Vendor and their Employees ARS § 15-512 No
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